Monday, November 29, 2010

Surrender to the Speed of Life

I think I understand the point of going slow now. It allows me to remain present and to really understand what is going on in my body and in my mind. These are all components that contribute to how I think and therefore how I feel. The body mind connection is a fascinating one.

Understanding what it is all about is not quite the same as attaining this state of being. For me, it is a constant process of watching and then becoming aware of what I'm doing or not doing – i.e. relaxing and just being.

This week has been set aside to reflect on my life; where I've been this past year, what I have made important and what I'd like to create in the coming year. This particular process requires a lot of 'slowing down.' It means really telling myself the truth about what I have made important and what has slipped by.

One of the things that I made important this past year was Nordic walking. I love walking and to do it in a group has been one of the most fun things that I have done in a long time. The big net benefit has also been that I have lost weight – or at least I did before my trip out west – and I feel so much better. For me, this is something that will stay for next year.

Something else that I made important was being involved with the community; sitting on the board of the Wasaga Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Wasaga Beach Women's Business Association. Taking an interest in our local community has been very important to me but I can't say that it has been a lot of fun. This is the difficult part – telling the truth about what it really is for me.

As I move forward into the next year of my life, there are some decisions that I need to make about what I'm going to make important. I think that for me having fun and making money (as in not slipping off the financial abyss) is going to be a top priority. So in other words, if it isn't fun or it isn't contributing to our family coffers – it may not make it into 2011.

The purpose of our business and my life is to help people move forward – in every way. So that includes me – what do I need to do to move forward? What is in my way of success in this life right now? Surrendering to the speed of life means letting go of those things that speed me up and keep me on an endless treadmill.

Without the treadmill I get to just be me.

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