Monday, November 22, 2010

Letting Go

Today is the last day on the west coast and yesterday, I arrived back in Vancouver. The two weeks have both flown and seemed like they have gone on forever. Time can feel that way when you are out of your normal environment.

There have been so many lovely moments; connecting with the boys, meeting and getting to know the newest girlfriend, having time with the 'fleurs', assisting my friend with her transition into a new apartment (more of that today) and celebrating with old friends who have become so dear to me over the years.

It's hard to leave here; I have so much that keeps me here and yet, the time has come for letting go and saying good bye for now. I am aware that these visits always seem even more poignant and sweet because I'm not here all the time. Like all of us, we tend to take those who are around us all the time for granted. It's like we will always be there and the friends and people in our life will always be around for us.

Sadly, this isn't the truth. Last week one of the 'fleurs' lost a friend in a rather freakish accident in Mexico. He had just married his partner and love and celebrated his little girls first birthday. The next day he was gone – a very final goodbye and letting go for his family and my friend. Today she is celebrating her birthday and attending his memorial service. How strange and tragic life can be.

So it is with some degree of sadness that I say goodbye to my friends and family here and embark on my journey back home tomorrow. It's time to say goodbye and I trust that it won't be long before I say hello again – to my other friends and family on the East coast.

Letting go so that I can say hello again.

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