Friday, November 19, 2010

Chilling on the Island with the Kids

I've been spending most of this week on Vancouver Island with my son and his girlfriend. It is so much fun to be around their lovely youthful energy; so refreshing and spirited. They are both musicians and so conversation often flows towards music and the creation of my son's next cd. This is clearly not an easy task and takes thoughtful intent to discern the exact rhythm and focus for the cd.

This has been a more relaxing and joyful time; a time of new beginnings and aspirations that have not been daunted or dampened by life. Their relationship is a real joy to witness. I observe how relaxed and at peace they are in each other's company and as a mother, I'm delighted and relieved. This is how relationships need to be.

Relaxed, chilled and thoughtful; they exchange ideas, sing songs and keep me enchanted and amused. This has been a very good time indeed. I wish it would never end and yet, I know that this is just one piece of our tapestry that will continue to expand and grow with the years.

Tomorrow the pace changes again as I welcome two of the 'fleurs' to my little condo on the Island. We can't all meet this year; one is in the UK, one is in Mexico and one is in New Zealand. So three of us will meet and have a wonderful time for the six of us.

I am so grateful to be here.

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