Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm leaving on a Jet Plane

It's time to go and tomorrow I leave the UK. The work is complete, friends have been seen and fun has generally been had. I will miss England – as I always do – but know that I will be back very soon. This is my home – or at least one of my homes – and it is very dear to me.

I spent the day in London yesterday catching up with an old friend and colleague over a very long and chatty lunch. He is training to be a psychotherapist now and is finding many new insights and understandings around his life and everything flowing through it. We worked together for many years in London and still do on occasion. He turns 50 this year and is already thinking and talking about when he and his son will move down to Dorset to be closer to the love of his life.

The plans for his psychotherapy career are based on making this move. Retiring into a more sedate and peaceful existence with a few clients a day to support himself and keep in the 'personal development' loop. His happiness with his plans and with his current life was visible and plain to see.

From lunch, I moved on to dinner with an acquaintance who is becoming a friend. We met a few years ago through a mutual interest in the 'Indigo' phenomena and she contacted me and others in the group about getting together. She had spent a year traveling around the world and was eager to talk about her adventure.

She shared with me the amazing times she had in South America and how Columbia and Bolivia were so warm and welcoming. Her excitement at speaking to a Mayan who confirmed for her that 2012 wasn't the end of the world at all – didn't really know what all the fuss was about. We discussed how 2012 was likely to be more of a 'new beginning' as opposed to a colossal ending.

I enjoyed sharing in her enthusiasm and excitement at spending a year moving around the world, meeting fellow travelers and not feeling the least bit afraid. She was still itchy to be on her way again and had in fact just come back from 5 days in Spain. I understand how she feels; the travel bug is a very addictive infection.

For this reason, I'm looking forward to going home – to my other home in Wasaga Beach. It is there that I get to have the serenity and peacefulness that helps me to contemplate and envision my next adventure.

Life is joyful and fun living from purpose and vision.

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