Friday, January 7, 2011

What are you attracting in 2011?

Week one of the New Year is just finishing up and my question is – what are you attracting? If we think of ourselves as little magnets that go out in the world and bring to ourselves those things that we most desire – then what we have is what we desire, right?

We can only really attract into our life that which we believe with all our hearts that we desire and deserve and if we aren't creating what we want then we are likely creating and attracting what we think we deserve.

Maybe the magnet needs a bit of buffing. Clearing away the debris and the clutter can be a needful thing. The clutter starts in our mind and then moves to other parts of our being where it hits our magnet and starts to make things a bit fuzzy. Without a clear intention that starts in our heart, moves to our head and then rests firmly in our gut, we are unlikely to attract what we desire.

This week has been a week full of useful activity; joyful walks in the snow, meetings with interesting people and having lots of fun. It has also been a great week of moving all my intentions for the year forward. What I have noticed is that it has been very clear for me what my priorities are and therefore what I have made important and focused on.

This weekend I am teaching the first Reiki class for many years. I didn't intentionally stop teaching Reiki; it just never really came up as a priority. I love Reiki and use it on myself and my family all the time. I always consider it a huge honour to teach a class and when they emerge, it is a gift.

For me this is a lovely way to end a week that has been full and exciting. It also happens to be my son's 31st birthday today. How appropriate to be sitting in a Reiki circle with this beautiful energy 31 years after my life was changed for ever by the gift that is my son.

Attracting such gifts is a fine start to 2011.

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