Monday, January 17, 2011

Back in the UK

I landed in the UK this morning and haven't slept much at all. Too buzzy from the trip and the caffeine that I rather foolishly drank when I arrived. It seemed like a good idea but now I just feel very tired and incapable of sleeping.

The funny thing with being back in the UK is that when I arrive, I don't feel like a visitor at all, it all feels so very normal. On the train at Gatwick to East Croydon and following a routine that is so familiar and so comfortable, it's kind of odd. I haven't lived here for 3 ½ years and yet, I feel like I do still live here.

Just had a chat with my friend in Sheffield; planning to see her and another friend this weekend. We saw each other in the summer as well and when we talk, we pick up from where we left off without missing a beat. It is these relationships and my complete confidence and comfort in these friendships that helps me to feel so totally at home here.

I feel very fortunate and truly blessed to be able to make this trip and to continue to do work over here. I love the training work that I do in the UK, it is always a bit of a challenge (which I like) but mostly it is fun and rewarding.

Having time with my son and his new bride is also a particular joy for me. They have moved into their new digs – free of all the bachelor energy that practically oozed out of the previous flat – and the d├ęcor bears the stamp of their combined decision making. No longer a home for wayward young men; it is now the residence of a married couple.

All these changes and events have gone on while I was away having my life in Canada. Now I am here, having my life in the UK; catching up with the news and picking up on where the wind is blowing this time around. For now, the wind is just blowing and the rain is coming down on what is described in the papers as 'the most depressing day of the year.' Well, it may be for some people but not for me.

Today, I arrived back home and I'm happy to be here.

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