Friday, January 21, 2011

Time out with Friends in Sheffield

Arrived last night in Sheffield and immediately felt myself relax and move into the energy of the north. The great north south divide lives inside of me; a father from the south and a mother from the north. I sometimes feel the push pull and yet, I always enjoy being in both places and for completely different reasons.

I was working in the London area Thursday and then took the train to Kings Cross St. Pancras for dinner and then the train to Sheffield. The contrast could not be more extreme. Dinner at Carluccio's in St. Pancras station was a lovely treat and the atmosphere was lively and full of people on the go. It is difficult not to completely love London at St. Pancras; the station where Harry Potter goes through the wall to get to the train to get to Hogwart. All magical and fantastic adventures start here.

I felt a little like Harry Potter last night getting on the train for Sheffield and being greeted by my friend at the end of the line. Sheffield is one of the places that defies the stereotype. When you mention Sheffield most people immediately think of either cutlery or 'The Full Monty.' For me, Sheffield is a place where I feel completely at home and totally welcomed.

I think it must be my northern roots (perhaps only British readers can understand this) but the part of me that is a northerner and happy about it, rests very comfortably in the warmth of the embrace.

This weekend my two friends and I will connect through meditation, Reiki and of course a few glasses of wine and a hot tub. We are blessed to have a friend who has the amazing good sense to have a house with an indoor pool, sauna and an outdoor hot tub. It is a home that is just made for relaxing, fun and healing and I feel totally blessed to be here.

Our connection is a real 'soul mate' connection and we often discuss how fortunate we are to have our friendship and also to have these opportunities to meet up and spend this time together. This particular occasion almost didn't happen. I was a bit on the fence until my friend said that her uncle (who is more like a brother) has cancer and she thought it might be good if we could give him a treatment.

For me, that was the sign that I needed to make the trip. It is never a hardship but I am aware that when I am on a bit of a time and money budget, certain decisions need to go through the filter and meet more than one criteria. Our friendship is important but more important is the healing power that the three of us know we have when we focus our energy and our intention.

Soul friends are the most healing friends.

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