Monday, January 10, 2011

Just for today, do not worry

Week 2 of the New Year and funnily enough, it's time to let go already. Let go of last week, let go of last year, let go of how I think life ought to be right now. Thinking of the Reiki Precepts and focused on the first one - Just for Today, Do Not Worry.

Taught my first Reiki Level 1 class in a very long time this past weekend and it was wonderful connecting with the energy of Reiki. Reiki = Universal Life Force Energy. A magical and wonderful energy – well hey, it is 'the' energy that runs through every living being – including the stars, the sun, the moon and every planet in the universe.

On the one hand – such a very simple and basic practice – and yet, it is magic in motion and very hard to define and explain. I spent the weekend trying to both keep it simple and also to express how amazing and profound the energy of Reiki is.

Which leads me to today – creating a new week and opening up to the infinite possibilities of what can be manifest. In order to do this, I need to let go of the past and all the limitations that I have imposed on myself.

Letting go requires a lot of awareness and with all honesty, a lot of courage and guts. I think sometimes, I underestimate how tough it is to do this. Some things are easier said than done; letting go is one of those things.

So what I'm going to do is let go and I'm not going to worry if I'm doing it right or doing it at all. Just for today, I'm going to be accepting and gentle with myself as I let go of the past and let go of all my very imperfect ways of being in the world.

And – just for today, I'm not going to worry.

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