Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness as a spiritual practice is the act of letting go and being able to 'give again.'

We forgive so that energy can flow again and we can start receive what it is we desire. This relates to love, money, joy, inner peace – whatever it is that you want to be flowing in your life.

For example; if love is missing then the antidote is to forgive someone who you are currently withholding love from. Usually that person is the person closes to you; your partner, children, friends, brother, sister, mother, father. When you forgive you return to a place of 'joyful acceptance' or unconditional love – you welcome the flow of love back into our life.

So, why am I writing about forgiveness today? Well, traditionally after a long weekend like Thanksgiving, things don't always go to plan. Sometimes feelings are hurt, words are spoken (refer back to the previous post) and there may be some anger and resentment that you are holding onto.

Times with family can be like that. People do their best and yet, the afterglow may not be as beautiful as had been hoped.

To start this week off fresh – let go – forgive who ever you need to forgive – including yourself – and begin to enjoy the flow again.

My favourite definition of a miracle is 'a shift in perception.' Miracles abound in the energy of forgiveness.

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