Friday, October 8, 2010

Men, Women and Medals

Why do women continue to choose to have a man in their life when it really isn't essential? This is a conversation my husband and I had earlier this year. I had commented to him that we are in our 20th year of being together as a couple. My husband's response was that he deserved a medal – I said, no, actually, I think I'm the one who needs and deserves a medal.

Needless to say, he challenged that remark and stated that we women were pretty darned full of ourselves. My response back was that previously women have needed men for social and economic reasons and as such, put up with their bad behaviour. Since these reasons no longer apply and women are creating their own wealth and social networks, men are no longer essential to requirements. Explaining why many more women today are choosing single life over being married or co-cohabiting with men. They no longer feel the need to put up with behaviour that is unacceptable.

My husband's response was that this statement had a disturbing ring of truth to it and must be immediately denied.

Women don't need men anymore but they certainly do want men in their life. The question becomes, how do you live with a man and not go crazy with some of his weird and wonderful ways of being?

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