Friday, October 15, 2010

Miracles are everywhere

Stop and think for a moment about the miracles that have happened for you today. We don't do this often enough and yet it is only in being aware of the miracles that we open ourselves to more.

The world has recently witnessed 33 men rescued from a mine in Chile. Out of the darkness into the light – who would have thought that would happen? They faced enormous fears; the worst kind possible and yet, they are alive today to tell their story. This is a miracle and we are all a witness to it.

In a previous post I wrote that a miracle is a 'shift in perception.' A simple definition but think about it – how much did those men need to shift their perception to retain their sanity and optimism that they would be safe? They emerged from this ordeal not haggard, not miserable, not angry - in fact, the opposite; prayerful, thankful, feeling blessed and smiling with joy. That didn't just happen because they were released from their prison. They were released, I would suggest, because they were able to shift their perception of the situation to one of acceptance beforehand.

I may be wrong about this but I think that before we get released from the prison we place ourselves in; we need to shift our perception and accept where we are and notice that our life is already blessed.

Now can you see the miracles?

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  1. Yes, a shift they each made may indeed have helped them, but remember that at least for a majority of their ordeal, they had constant support in every aspect of the preparation for their rescue. This in itself would have reinforced the assumption that they would really make it through to the finish and in turn, contribute to their ever-growing positive attitude. They all had the same general perception that things were looking good.

    It is amazing when we each can make the shift on our own, but many of us, in our daily lives, must also search & find this same type of support for our Shift of perception of the good life we live as well as of the miracles we'd like to see.