Friday, March 4, 2011

The Wisdom of the Hula Ring

This week has been seismic on many levels. I started out the week in a bit of emotional overflow; experienced a massive adjustment and now ending the week with a whole lot more clarity, opportunities and magic in my life.

The more I release and let go of what no longer serves me; be it emotional baggage or personal baggage, the more I can open to receive what is wanting to come to me. While I'm stuck, nothing can be manifest in my world in any meaningful way.

Flowing with life has been a theme for me lately; allowing myself to slow down and to be in the moment. Not easy for a major doer like me but I'm getting better at it, as I realize that my results improve the more I slow down and allow things to take their natural course.

I have been accused of pushing the river by the husband who definitely has a different pace to me. Since we live next to the river I have a daily reminder of just how useless it is to push a river. Never-the-less, I am often guilty as charged and frustrated by this tendency.

Recently, I purchased a Hula Ring (weighted Hula Hoop) in a fit of 'let's get rid of the belly fat and try something different.' It wasn't long after using the magic hoop that I realized it had some more benefits that I could not have anticipated.

For instance, when I feel impatient, tempted to push a river and move something along before it's ready; I have a new displacement activity that replaces the tendency to act before I'm really ready. The other benefits are that it helps me keep warm, keeps my energy moving and as a kinesthetic learner this is essential for processing information and generating ideas. It has the added benefit of keeping me in the flow; if I don't know what to do I grab the Hula Ring.

The husband is also enjoying the visual of me trying to keep the hoop up; I am evidently very amusing and while he doesn't laugh openly, the smile on his face tells me that I look pretty hilarious.

Hilarious I might be but wisdom is starting to emerge.

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