Friday, March 11, 2011

The Earth is Shifting

I woke up this morning to the news of a devastating earthquake and Tsunami in Japan that is working its way across the Pacific to Hawaii and then the coast of Canada and the US. For me, this is very close to home. I lived in Vancouver and on the Island for many years and have spent a lot of time in California; these are places that are also home to me. It is difficult to believe that these areas are going to be affected. My heart is in my throat as I think about the people who I know and love and who are currently under threat. I am praying that the effects will be minimal and that my friends and family will be safe.
As a planet, we are only just coming to grips with the disaster in New Zealand, followed by the flooding in Australia and then the earthquakes in Chile – how can we comprehend the enormity of these shifts that the earth is going through? I think in some ways, I'm a bit numb to the possibility of what might happen here. This is very close to home indeed.
We have been given warnings for years that the earth is shifting; shaking off the effects of our abuse and neglect over the many years. As a sentient being, mother earth feels as much pain for our bad behaviour as any mother does when observing the self destructive habits of her children. It hurts and eventually, the hurt comes out as grief and a massive healing process. This is what we are experiencing right now and so many of us are being affected in a truly horrendous way.
As the earth shifts, we are being awakened to our own inner grief and pain. The opportunity is to observe, reflect and to be accountable for our own emotional distress. It is easy to look outside ourselves and say that it isn't about me – it's happening over there – but this is no longer possible or true. We are all responsible and it is time to take a stand and own our part.
The earth shifts aren't going to stop any time soon; in fact they are going to get stronger and louder. This is a wake up call on a major scale and like any mother who wants her children to wake up, she is being a bit of a nag – annoying really – but it must be done.
As the earth shifts; so do we. Are you ready?

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose (Oprah's Book Club, Selection 61)


  1. -possibly there is an inner voice that allows our positioning when events take place like those now being witnessed and co-created. The wake up call is quietly causing each of us 'to be'.

  2. Yes,I do believe the inner voice is getting pretty loud right now - on the outside and on the inside. Thanks for the comments Charles.