Friday, December 10, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Hm – interesting words to that song – 'let it snow' – as if we have had any choice. Snow just kinda does what it does – as does all weather. We really don't have a huge amount of control in this department.

The end of the week and after being inside for most of the week – baking cookies, squares and shortbread – I finally managed to get out today and reacquaint myself with the world. One thing about living in a small town is this process does not take long. One quick twirl around the town – checking in with some local shops, an acupuncture and chiro appt, hair highlighted and gingerbread baked – all done in one day.

The ease and simplicity of life at the beach is in sharp contrast to life in London or Toronto for that matter. Nothing takes long and everyone is a known commodity. I was reminded of this today when chatting with my client who is also a friend and my acupuncture/chiropractor. I acknowledged the fact that I would be spending some time in the UK in the New Year to do some work. Something that I'm quite excited about; a really big venture out into the very big world.

She reminded me that while London has it's attractions and certainly the appeal of interesting work; here in Wasaga Beach I know lots of people – especially in the business community – and this makes it quite a warm and comfortable place to be. This is indeed true; relationships are quite casual and easy going - for the most part.

Building strong relationships in a small town has its challenges too. The same quality that makes it warm and enjoyable can also make it a wee bit claustrophobic. Creating space and having time alone is also a very needful thing.

For this reason, I rather like snow days – they are soulful times and are good opportunities to indulge in what the soul likes best – unstructured, creative and joyful time to just be. For me, that often means cooking and food.

So yes, let it snow – it's good for the soul.

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